At Home Workstation Setup... It can save your Life!

Keys to Better Health...

In the last year, the work environment has drastically changed for most Americans. School / Study environment has been drastically change also.
Due to the physical and physiological changes this has caused, we have seen a large number of new patients and existing patient with issues such as:

Sleep disturbances
Neck to shoulder pain
Low back pain
and more...

There are a few common recommendations I have been giving that have helped many.

1. Do not work from bed or your couch
2. Sit on a soft surface that will provide more comfort for your low back. You can check out lumbar support pillow at: Lumbar Suport Pillow
3. Prop your lap-top on a few books and use a wireless keyboard to have better positioning. A great affordable option for wireless keyboard is: Wireless Keyboard
4. Make sure you take a stretching break every two hours. Within the next few weeks I will share with you some easy spinal stretches that will make a world of difference!
5. Stay hydrated! Drinking water help muscles stay hydrated and aids in mind clarity.
6. Drink magnesium! Magnesium helps with stress, muscle tightness and so much more! Mention this email and get 10% off your next purchase of one bottle of watermelon flavored magnesium!
7. Use blue light blocking glasses. These have been a game changer for me!I started using them a few years ago when i started having trouble sleeping and noticed that I was not getting deep levels of sleep at night. I use two types. At night I use: Dark Orange Blue Light Glasses  During the day I also use the lighter color to prevent eye fatigue, headaches and keep my eyes healthy: Light yellow Blue Light Blocking Glasses
8. Get your spine checked and adjusted! Nothing replaces a chiropractic adjustment. I love yoga and stretching, yet neither replace the unlocking of the spine which releases imprisoned nerve energy that allows you to express More Health like a Chiropractic Adjustment does! Make sure you contact us to schedule your next visits.You can call us (954)533-2614 or you can also schedule a new patient appt at:

There is so much more I want to share, but I want to keep it short and sweet. Make sure you follow some of these recommendations. I promise, they will make a world of difference!

Stay Healthy!

Dr. Jenifer Hastings


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My name is Lilian and I have struggled with back pain as a result of poor posture. I have been experiencing scoliosis and nerve aches since my teenage years. After a number of visits with two separate neurologists, their recommendation was to simply use pain medication and accept living in pain. Ultimately, I turned to chiropractic care as a final option. Looking back, I wish I could've known sooner about going to see a chiropractor. This specialized care restored my health and changed my outloo"
    Lilian G.
  • "Excellent service, they explain everything and help you to really improve, not for a simple back adjustment"
    Javier A.
  • "I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). I was in constant pain and sometimes wasn't able to do simple household chores. I had horrible fatigue and woke up exhausted every day even if I slept 10 hours. I Had migraines daily and anxiety attacks that eventually would come with no apparent cause. I was depressed and miserable. I went to every specialist: Endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, rheumatologist... Some thought I was crazy and asked "
    A. Mendez
  • "Jennifer had done wonders for my shoulder. My first visit I had shoulder lock and I could barely move my arm at all. Three visits later I have full motion and I haven’t felt better. It’s pretty mind blowing what this place is capable of! Visit ASAP"
    Austin P.
  • "Amazing Doctor. She is very passionate in what she does. Highly recommend her. Her staff is also amazing. I feel great thanks to her skills and compassion. My condition with my back is 95% better thanks to her. Very impressed!!!"
    Pablo R.