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Epidural Injections and Pain Management

Posted on February 12, 2017 at 8:25 PM

On Epidural Injections for Pain... 

So I have Been taking care of a wonderful gentleman which we will name Mr. Muscle, This gentleman did weightlifting for a few decades and was still going at it until about 3 months ago.

4 weeks prior to coming to my office he had rapid neurological complications and lost feeling of his legs, feet and hands. Due to this he came in using a walker which he had a hard time grasping due to not only the loss of feeling, but loss of strength in all his limbs. To walk, he dragged both of his feel as he tried to feel his way through the floor.

Mind you, 4 weeks prior this gentleman was at the gym doing some powerlifting and living life fully!

Upon taking a thorough history, exams and x-rays, we found his spine to be a phase 4 spinal degeneration. This means that he lost over 80% of disk space, and that his bones had become so degenerated he had advanced, severe spurs going into the nerves that connect to his limbs, his organs and his spinal cord.

Due to the rapid progression of his condition, I immediately referred him out for an MRI to dismiss any other major pathologies. As I told him this, he asked to please provide him with a chiropractic adjustment as he had full faith chiropractic could be of help. Mr. Muscle has been referred to me by a Dr. in Tampa whom we had some miraculous changes with about 5 years ago.

I provided gentle chiropractic care with the force I use on children until the MRI center and his insurance company jumped over all the red tape to get the MRI done. In a period of 1 week he came in without a walker. It has been 6 weeks and Mr. Muscle is back at the gym, gently and with modifications strengthening his body again. He has regained strength in his limbs, has more feeling in his hands and is doing much better.

On Epidurals...

For quite a few years, Mr. Muscle's doctors provided epidural shots to his spine for pain relief. Even two weeks before coming to our office he received a routine epidural shot to his neck! And had another one scheduled 2 weeks after!

PAIN is your body safety mechanism. It is a form of your body preventing you form causing more damage! To mute out your body's communication (which is what cortisone, epidurals and pain pills do) is to ignore the root cause of the problem and lay out the ground for future severe damage and complications to your spine and health! To disconnect from Pain via medications, injections or surgery is to disconnect yourself from the Innate Intelligence that runs, and protects your body!

CHIROPRACTIC's purpose is to find neurological disconnects causing problems such as pain, organ malfunction, and taking away your vitality day by day!

If you or someone you know, has gotten a cortisone shot, an epidural, is taking pain medication or muscle relaxants to relieve pain and try to function day by day, PLEASE do them a favor and send them our way! We may be able to help. Not only can we help provide relief, but we can help restore Health and gain aThriving Life! When reconnecting the Healing Power Within you cam Expect Miracles!

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